Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I received this eye serum in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

This has helped with my dark circles and smoothed out the bags from lack of sleep. This has also helped with my fine line and wrinkles. Here is some information about this product.

Valentia True Glow Eye Cream - An illuminating antioxidant rich eye cream that tightens skin and locks in moisture, depuffing the eye area to repair skin as well as adding natural protection.  The result is a youthful and energetic glow around the eye area.This Corrective Eye Treatment Will:
- Diminish fine lines & wrinkles
- Nourish & hydrate
- Tighten the under eye area
- Brighten dark circles
- Reduce puffiness

Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.- ASTAXANTHIN: A powerful antioxidant that increases moisture levels, smooths fine line and wrinkles, and restores elasticity to the skin.

- RESISTEM: Natural Plant Stem Cells repair and protect the skin from harsh environmental pollutants and stress related aging.

- VITAMIN C: Leaves the skin smooth and visibly brighter for a well-rested and bright eyed look.

- ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL: Provides intense hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

- ARNICA: A key anti-inflammatory agent to the restorative process that works to diminish the appearance of dark circles.

Directions for using Valentia True Glow Eye Cream:

Apply twice daily, morning and night, after cleansing skin. The under eye area is delicate so eye cream should be applied gently.

Using your ring finger, gently dab eye cream in using a patting motion going around the orbital bone and
working inwards toward the bridge of your nose.

and Experience the BENEFITS for yourself.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I received these sheets for a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and ALL OPINIONS expressed here are 100% my own.

I bought these for my son as a Christmas present and him and his girlfriend were so happy to get them.


  • Queen 4 Piece Microfiber Sheet Set 

  • for 

  • $14.99 (White Color)

    Review appreciated, but NOT required.




  • the highest quality microfiber and 

  • workmanship so you know it lasts! We 

  • made sure to brush the fabric from 

  • both sides so that it is extra soft!

  • Fabulous selection of colors will make 

  • your bedroom look like a dream 

  • celebrity home! 


  • will immediately get a better sleep and 

  • be able to wake up in the morning to a 

  • new day refreshed and full of energy. 

  • Silky soft, the most comfortable and 

  • luxurious bed sheets you can ever find.

  •  Works best for any room in your 
  • house, Bedroom, guest room, kids 

  • room, RV, vacation home and makes a

  •  perfect gift for your loved ones.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

These are beautiful, plush and well made. They make great stocking stuffers with a side of bath gel.

They lather up and hold the lather for a while and are soft but sturdy enough to give you a good scrubbing.

I received these poofies at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and all opinions expressed here are 100% my own. Below is a link to their site.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

About the Product
  • SUPPORTS HEART HEALTH AND HEALTHY CHOLESTEROL LEVELS! Our Coconut Oil Supplements are easy to swallow in a rapid release softgel. Packed with pure extra virgin organic coconut oil, rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) to help maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure*. Also contains Lauric Acid, a powerful anti-microbial to combat viruses, bacteria, and fungi at the cellular level.*
  • FEEL FULLER FASTER! - Use Pure Coconut Oil Pills for Weight Loss* or as a Natural Appetite Suppressant.* Yes, the keytones formed by MCTs can reduce cravings and that hungry feeling*. Feel fuller for longer with less snacking between meals.* - These metabolism boosting pills supports weight loss through regulated appetite and improved digestion.* Feel Energized and Motivated whilst losing weight! Now is the Best time get your discount supplements!
  • NATURAL MOISTURIZER AND ANTI-AGING SUPPLEMENT - Rich in Vitamin E antioxidants that makes our pure organic coconut oil capsules some of the most potent skin detox pills around*. Reduces signs of aging, Strengthens and Heals Damaged Skin and Hair*. A Perfect Christmas Gift Idea or Christmas Stocking Stuffer. Ideal stocking stuffers for women or men
  • HIGHEST QUALITY, ORGANIC, PURE & NATURAL - Made in the USA in FDA certified and GMP compliant facility. Contains ZERO Artificial Flavours, Sweeteners, Preservatives, Sugar, Starch, Milk, Lactose, Soy, Gluten, Wheat, Yeast or Fish. This Coconut Oil Supplement is completely sodium free.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: MaxiZest is a premium brand and we are confident that you will love our extra virgin organic coconut oil capsules and see fast results. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our coconut oil pills softgels, we offer a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. Stocks are selling fast, so to start enjoying the Mind Blowing Benefits of our extra virgin organic coconut oil capsules, Click the Orange "ADD TO CART" Button at the Top Right and BUY RISK FREE NOW!

MaxiZest's Pure Organic Coconut Oil Capsules are a rich source of Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT's). This unique combination of natural fatty acids support your immune system, heart and brain function, boost energy levels and promote healthy skin, hair and nails.* These capsules are cold pressed and made from 100% organic virgin coconut oil.
Great Essential Oil for Weight Loss.* These metabolism boosting pills are cold pressed premium quality, organic and extra virgin. Each bottle of this coconut oil superfood supplement contains 180 easy to swallow softgel capsules filled with 1000mg extra virgin organic coconut oil.

I have been taking these for a while now because I want to be able to keep a good heart and cholesterol level. They are easy to swallow and have no aftertaste. My cholesterol levels are down and I am feeling less pressure in my heart. Above I pasted the product description so you can read and research for yourself about the Maxizest. below is a link to where you can order this product.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I received this umbrella at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

I do like the umbrella and it's color. It is easy to carry and compact enough to take with me anywhere.

☂HEAVY DUTY 60+ MPH SEVERE STORM RATED☂ The Remarkable WindHero Pro Travel Umbrella Is Rated For High Winds With A Full Size Wind-Tunnel Tested Canopy Tough Enough to Endure 60+ MPH Gusts. Durability Certified For 6,000 Canopy Openings Provides Long Term Reliability You Can Count On.

☂CONVENIENT AUTOMATIC OPEN & CLOSE CANOPY☂ Many Umbrellas Auto Open But Very Few Auto Close. The WindHero PRO Does Both. Auto Close Is Handy For Quick Entry Into A Car, Building Or Tent. Auto Open Offers Instant Cover From Rain With A Neat Opening Action That's Especially Fascinating To Kids. One Handed Operation Is the Other Advantage. Auto Open/Close Both Activate At The Press Of A Button So That Going Through Entry Ways Is Easy While Carrying Items With Your Other Hand.

☂DISCOVER RESILIENT FLEX MEMORY FRAME TECHNOLOGY☂ Umbrellas Are Destroyed When They Are Flipped Inside Out. Crown Coast Umbrellas Are Different. If The Canopy Does Flip Inside Out The Frame Simply Bounces Back Unbroken To Its Normal Shape Time After Time. Umbrella Frame Reduces To 10.9 Inches In Compact Position And Comes With A Storage Sleeve. *(Scroll Down To Product Description To Learn More)

☂ADDITIONAL ATTRIBUTES☂ Gentle Tension Spring For Easy Closing Of The Telescoping Handle To Compact Position. 100% Polyester Canopy, A Non-Absorbent Synthetic Polymer That's Water Repellent, Abrasion Resistant, Mold And Mildew Resistant. Treated With An Anti-Corrosion Layer The Stainless Steel Frame Will Not Rust. A Single Open/Close Button Set In A Pliable Non-Slip Rubber Comfort Grip Handle.

☂GUARANTEED FOR LIFE☂ Backed By A Life Time Warranty Any Problems With Your Purchase It's Replaced Or You Get A Refund. The WindHERO Pro Combines The Most Advanced Features Umbrella Manufacturing Has To Offer. More Durable Than Aluminum & Superior To Other Flexible Umbrellas. We Consider Crown Coast The Best Umbrella Sold On Amazon. Picking Different Colors Is Fun Click Add To Cart So That You Can Take Advantage Of Amazons Discount Pricing Before The Sale Price Ends. (Limit 6 ☂ Umbrellas)

The basic shape of any umbrella is concave and acts as a wind catch. Proprietary reverse action relief joints allow the Memory Flex frame to redistribute extreme wind force by intentionally flipping the umbrella inside out to relieve tension moving the umbrella into a new shape. With a simple outward movement the umbrella is easily flipped back to its original concave shape. This is what is meant by windproof.

-LONG LASTING RELIABILITY: Guaranteed for life (6000 opens) we replace it if there is a problem
-WINDPROOF MAXIMUM DURABILITY: Rated for high winds will not break or tear under 60+ MPH winds
-HEAVY DUTY CANOPY: Abrasion resistant, mold resistant and water repellent build to manage any condition
Keep your hair looking good, your clothes dry and always arrive at any event with the style you intended with quick entry way transitions.
-QUICK AND EASY DOORWAY ENTRY: Avoid getting wet with fast auto open/close one button canopy
-SINGLE HANDED OPERATION: No need to juggle the items you are carrying to open and close the umbrella
-TAKE ANYWHERE: The full size canopy reduces to a compact 10.9 inches
-In The Car, RV, Or Boat
-School Book Bag, Bus Stop
-Outside Work, Gardening
-Baby Stroller, Diaper Bag
-Hiking, Camping, Hunting
-Business Brief Case, Laptop Bag
-Luggage, Business & Vacation Travel
-Lightweight Kids Can Use
-Covers 2 Adults Comfortably
-As a Gift You Can't Go Wrong With An Umbrella It Will Get Used
  • Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches
    Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces

Here is the link to their site.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cat litter mat with litter trapping
Soft but heavy duty
Easy to clean
Just sweep, pour litter back in to the tray or wash with cold water
No hassle 5 year warranty
Dedicated website for support and warranty

Provide your cat with a comfortable litter area while minimizing mess in your home with the Snug Cat Litter Mat.
Features litter trapping and scatter control
This cat litter mat's surface is designed to trap litter and prevent it from scattering around the floor. This scatter control and litter trapping feature is provided by the special texture of the mat.
Soft yet heavy duty
Ensure the comfort of your cat as they go about their business with the soft surface of this cat litter mat. While it is soft, it's also made to be durable with heavy duty construction so you know that the Snug mat will last you for years to come.
Waterproof and easy-to-clean
To clean the Snug mat simply sweep or rinse with water. The cat litter mat is waterproof so you can wash it in the sink, with a hose, or submerge it in water with no worries.
5-year warranty and lifetime support included
This cat litter mat with scatter control comes with a 5-year warranty, and as with all Snug products, you are guaranteed lifetime support through our dedicated brand website. If ever you have an issue with your product within that time frame, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you resolve the issue.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

I like the size of the mat where we have a 30lb cat it really helps catch the extra litter he throws around. 

Here is a link to find this mat.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

   I received these doggie bowls in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and I am very happy that I did.


Stainless steel Dog Bowls with rubber bottoms that wont slipThe Best Dog Bowls on the market
This Bowl didn't slide all over the place when your dog is eating.

- Premium Dog Bowls at best price on 
- Made With Highest Quality Materials Available 
- With rubber bottoms that wont slip 
- Beautiful Design in Stainless Steel.

- 2 Dog Bowls for the price of one 
- Wont Slip to prevent scratches and damage to hardwood floor 
- Very Easy To Clean (Dishwasher safe) 
- Holds up to 32-ounce

My dogs and cats both love these bowls. They do not slip across the floor when they are trying to eat and they are deep enough to put plenty of food in them to keep them happy.

Monday, October 12, 2015

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All statements made here are all my own,



✿ 15x BETTER THAN CAPSULES: Capsules surrender their ingredients too soon or too late. Our patented probiotic 'pearls' will surely deliver all of its power to your tummy! 

✿ SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM: When your gut flora is healthy, your immune system can do what it's designed to do: keep you at the top of your game!

 GLEE AND ENERGY AGAIN: Power Pearl Probiotic is specially designed to encourage the microenvironment your gut needs to absorb nutrients so you can enjoy life again!

✿ TAMES TUMMY TROUBLES: Power Pearl Probiotic works gently. Each pearl's power is released gradually so you won't have to deal with bloating, diarrhea or gas that can occur with other probiotic products. 

✿ HELPS LOSE EXTRA POUNDS EFFORTLESSLY: When your gut gets its groove on, studies indicate that your metabolism will, too. So you may even find those extra few pounds melting away!

Still not convinced that you should try POWER PEARL PROBIOTICS? 

✿ SAFE FOR EVERYONE: They are are vegetarian and contain ZERO sugar, preservatives, GMO, nuts, wheat, gluten, lactose, chemicals, yeast, soy, iron, artificial colors.

✿ SUITABLE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Mommy, Daddy, Granny, Granpy and even your little ones can take them and have a happy tummy again! 

Dear blogger, we are asking you to review our awesome product and spread the word about PROBIOTIC POWER to the world!


Well State wishes you the best day & hopes to get a message from you soon!

This promotion is firstly for reviewIf you are Amazon Prime Member, the SHIPPING will be FREE

I noticed a difference after the first week and I am not as bloated as I once was. I like how these pills are easy to take and loaded with great ingredients.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

LAST MAN takes survival preparedness to the next level with the Food, Fire, Shelter Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet. Our 16 piece survival kit has been hand selected to deliver the maximum survival value within the smallest package possible and comes fully concealed inside a water resistant plastic tube within an adjustable paracord bracelet. Perfect for the day hiker, camper, outdoor enthusiast, and survival preparedness specialist. Live life to the fullest, be ready for anything, and confident wherever you go with LAST MAN.
The LAST MAN Food, Fire, Shelter paracord bracelet survival kit contains the following items: 
• 1 x 12' length of nylon paracord cordage 
• 1 x Snelled 3/0 offset kale hook with 20" leader line 
• 1 x Snelled #2 offset kale hook with 20" leader line 
• 2 x 1 1/8 inch line swivels 
• 1 x 30 ft length 10lb test fishing line 
• 2 x 1/2 inch foam bobbers 
• 2 x 3/8 inch egg sinkers 
• 1 x 2 1/4 inch ferrocerium fire starter rod 
• 1 x 2 inch diameter serrated fire striker 
• 1 x Dried grass tinder bundle 
• 1 x 1 square inch Alcohol pad (Large models only)
• 2 x 1 3/4 inch safety pins 
• 1 x Compass (select models)
Instruction manual included

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I love the look and sturdiness of this paracord bracelet. The compass is handy to have to take on a trip and inside the bracelet it has all this neat survival gear that my husband just wants to break open to see what all it looks like and to use it. He really liked this gift I got him!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

I wanted to get my father in law a gift for his birthday that he would use so when I got to try this Paracord bracelet out at a discounted price for my unbiased review I was "Wow he could use this and it also would look really nice.

I thought that this would work where he was going to sturgis in case of an emergency, here is what all this bracelet can do.

Paracord Survival Bracelet - A Great Hiking Multi Tool with Emergency Whistle, Compass for Hiking, and Camp Fire Starter!

Paracord Survival Bracelet with FIRE STARTER and WHISTLE built in,with COMPASS!
Very lightweight and comfortable design. Take this outdoor survival accessory to any of your CAMPING, HIKING or HUNTING trips. With the paracord,fire starter,whistle,and compass,there's nothing you can't do!

Either attach the paracord survival bracelet to your wrist or hook it on your backpack. The paracord is 550lb strength (601lb actual load) so it has MANY FEATURES when in the outdoors-shelter rope, fishing line, trail marker. The whistle is very loud and can be heard from great distances for rescue or to warn off wild animals. Find your way back to camp with the compass that is attached right on the buckle, not glued on like cheap paracord bracelets, so it is GUARANTEED not to fall off!

The paracord survival bracelets are GREAT as GIFTS because they are fashionable, yet functional.

style and function

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Sprouts Voice Remedy is designed to relieve Hoarseness in a safe, natural way. By reducing inflammation, getting rid of stubborn phlem and opening the nasal passage. Sprouts Voice Remedy has been proven to produce a voice that is smooth and clear and helps you getting back the ring in your voice

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
This product did give a little relief to my throat but did not last very long for me. I am not saying it is a bad product because it may work for someone else but for me it did not work. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My husband has had a blast using these cards to make some beautiful music. So easy to use and really fun!

Start writing original music in minutes!
Compose Yourself™ allows everyone to be a composer! Within minutes of opening the package, begin creating your very own melodies. The 60 transparent Music Cards are designed to be flipped, rotated and combined in millions of different ways so that you can create your own musical score.

I also like how you can use multiple instruments with these cards. Our 6yr. old girl is interested in learning how to use them now.

Here is your link to order

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.
I do not like given anyone a bad review BUT this product did not work for me at all. I think it actually attracted more bugs than scared them off.

The company was nice in sending it to me and I wish I could say more positive things about this product but I can not lie about what a product does or does not do.

I do not recommend this product and I can not give it a good review.