Tuesday, October 18, 2016

  • SAY GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOUR CANINE'S BAD BREATH ODOR: Infused with peppermint and spearmint, T-PET Dog Daily Dental Care Gel can be massaged onto your dog's lower and upper teeth and gums on both sides of cheeks after brushing to vastly improve your canine's bad breath. We taste-tested with over 30 different breeds and ages to find the most palatable "minty-meat" flavor that will leave your dog feeling refreshed and barking for more!
  • ELIMINATE PLAQUE, TARTAR AND MAINTAIN GUM HEALTH: T-PET Dog is not your ordinary dental care for dogs nor a simple dog toothpaste. It's clinically tested to visually remove dental plaque and tartar by 20% and 17% respectively within 1 month of continuous use as well as gums and gingivitis. It penetrates deep into the dental plaque and tartar to eradicate bacteria and inhibit further growth. Tannic acid works to soften receding gums to prevent further damage caused by improper chewing.

  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS, 100% EDIBLE EVEN FOR HUMANS: We use only natural ingredients in our pet dental care gel, including Fucoidan, Tannic Acid, Peppermint and Spearmint Leaf Oil all from natural plant extracts. Without alcohol, without preservatives or medicines. We take great pride in creating a product that is safe for consumption and without side-effects. T-PET Dog is 100% edible for your dog to consume and is even edible for humans, so need to worry if gets swallowed accidentally.
  • KISS YOUR DOG EVERY DAY WITH T-PET DOG DAILY: With extended use, your dog will be sure to thank you feeling refreshed with a cleaner, healthier muzzle. T-PET Dog makes it a breeze to keep your dog's oral hygiene in check. Applying T-PET Dog to your dog promotes a closer relationship and better communication between you and your canine. Knowing that your dog's dental health is at its top notch condition, you can kiss your beloved pet without worrying about germs or bacteria.

  • APPROVED BY VETERINARIANS AND THIRD PARTY TESTED: T-PET Dog Daily has undergone multiple clinical trials with numerous veterinarians with over 30 different breeds and ages to find the most palatable flavor. We tested and verified T-PET Dog with third party labs Rilis Co. and Intertek for the safety of ingredients and efficacy. If you want to go the extra mile, our vets recommend using T-PET Dog combined with regular brushing to reduce the regularity of dental cleaning under anesthesia.

We gave this a try on our dog and he did not try to spit it out which we were happy about. He seemed to like the taste and we noticed his bad breath did go away.His teeth seemed to be cleaner and we are going to continue to use it on him to see how he fares,
I received this product in exchange for an hines and unbiased review all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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